Recycled plastic bottle hammock – Levitate Chill ♻

We are glad to present our new, unique collection of Chill hammocks – made from recycled plastic!

While working on a fabric for a budget line, we found a factory that makes polyester fiber from recycled plastic bottles.

This fiber has been woven into a durable and breathable fabric for our new collection. At the development stage, the lines were immediately decided that it would also consist of recycled plastic and that it should be a real seat belt. Thanks to a special rigid weaving, it is not afraid of friction and heavy loads, and its optimal width distributes weight without harming the bark of the tree.

It was really exciting to work on this product and we are very happy to present it to you! It is incredibly strong and durable, and most importantly, it consists entirely of recycled plastic bottles.

Leading a zero waste lifestyle, we are very pleased that used and discarded plastic bottles can last so long, finding new life in useful things.

Swaying in a comfortable “Chill” it is pleasant to realize that modern opportunities allow us to reduce pollution and waste of the planet’s resources.

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